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So, what does CBW offer?

For 2023, we are offering a 6 day, 5 night camp. Campers will stay in a cabin with other boys or girls in their age group, along with two adult counselors. Kids from ages 8-10 are Junior campers, ages 11-13 are Rangers, and 14 and up are Seniors. Two times a day, we have chapel — a time of singing and learning from God’s Word — that is specifically geared to each age groups. Campers also get to enjoy a swimming pool, crafts, a challenge course with climbing wall, zipline, go karts, a giant swing, campfires, team games, and so much more.

How can I register?

CBW 2023 is now over! We had an amazing week worshipping the Lord and growing in our spiritual walks. We’re already preparing for CBW ’24, but during the mean time we’ll be praying for all our campers during this new school year!

Are there CBW rules?

All campers should dress modestly. No spaghetti strap tops, short shorts, or midriffs showing. All clothing should be respectable and in good taste. No clothing with printing that may be offensive will be permitted. Items deemed inappropriate will be confiscated. Securely mark all items with a permanent marker. No weapons, cell phones or other electronics! We are not responsible for the return of these items. We’re not responsible for lost or stolen items. In case of an emergency, Camp Berean Way directors may be contacted. The Camp CHOF office number is (330) 837-1534 or (330) 477-6267 ext. 126.

Will my child be safe?

We want you to feel comfortable sending your child away for a week at CBW, so we have several security measures in place. For the safety of our camp and campers, there are no visitors allowed during the week of camp. Our staff of volunteers have all had background checks. Campers are not permitted off the Campgrounds without the Camp Director’s prior permission and your written consent. If there is a need to leave and return to camp, the form needs to be filled out and turned in at check in. See the “forms” tab for more information.

How does check-in / check-out work?

Check-in is on Sunday, August 6th, between 3 and 5 pm. Check-out is Friday, August 11th, at 5:45pm. Please note that we end on Friday this year, not Saturday. We also will have a short closing program similar to last year, so please come on time to hear about our week at CBW!